Dej si rozhovor s Peacock Brothers!

Návštěva Peacock Brothers je skoro tady, a proto jsme si pro tebe připravili krátký rozhovor, kde si všechno ještě trochu přiblížíme! Začti se do našich sedmi otázek, které ti nastíní, jak kluci pracují na svých kempech a na co se můžeš už za necelé dva týdny těšit.

Pokud nevíš, kdy sem bráchové mají přijet nebo co se plánuje, tak klikej na tento článek, kde ti všechno vysvětlíme.

1. How was the winter and what are you most looking forward to this season?

We’ve both had an awesome winter away Liam spending his time travelling around Asia and myself spending some time down in South Africa! For us the off season is a great opportunity to take a little break from wakeboarding, to explore and use that time to get fit and really motivated for the upcoming season!

2. Have you been to the Czech Republic before or are you coming here for the first time?

It’s our first time coming to the Czech Republic and we are both so excited! The park looks absolutely amazing and after meeting some of the crew at one of our previous camps we know that we are just going to have the best time.

3. Who is the camp for? Do the riders need to know anything in advance?

The camp is really for anybody and everybody who wants to improve their wakeboarding! Liam and I love sharing our knowledge and watching people progress is something we both find very rewarding! During the camp we will be working with riders to help them achieve goals which they set, and also we will give them some advice on other skills we feel they can learn easily! The only advice we would have to anybody wanting to attend the camp is to come with an open mind and be ready to learn! 

4. What can the campers look forward to?

The camps have such an awesome energy both on the dock and out on the water. It’s so much fun riding together with people who are all learning and trying new things! We will also be working with the camp on some personalised ‘progression reports’ which will be used to monitor progress throughout the camp and with clear tips to help with future progression!

5. What do you enjoy most about the camp and what are you looking forward to the most?

One of the things we love the most about these camps is seeing just how much amazing young talent there is out there! It really feels like it was not so long ago that we were both the young kids just messing around at the wakepark and for us to be able to come and help the future generations of wakeboarders feel great.

6. Can people continue to train with you after the camp?

So we do have to leave Czech Republic right after the camp, but we are very excited about our new online coaching platform which offers 1 to 1 online coaching and our new “Road to Pro” video course coming soon! 

7. What are your other plans for the 2023 season?

We’ve got a crazy season ahead of us, lots of competitions, travelling and we’ve got some really cool projects in the pipeline!

Thanks so much for the interview and we look forward to your visit!

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Martin Ludvík
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